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My painting and other creations



Welcome to my site!
I am an artist and hope the following paragraph will help you understand what 'feeds' my creations.
I was born in Ukraine and lived there for half of my life, surrounded by kind,, warm, and generous people, beautiful nature, colorful folk costumes and rich cultural traditions. That's the way I remember it and you will see those memories reflected in some of my paintings. 
Now I live in Truckee, CA, and even though it’s quite a change, I still find myself surrounded by nice and kind people, beautiful nature and yes, very colorful traditions. Deja vu? No. I am just very lucky. I am in the best place I could wish for myself. 

Why Makasha?

Makasha name is derived from ‘mak’ which means poppy flower in Ukrainian language.

From the name of this bright flower, which girls embroidered on wedding towels, comes the name of the goddess. Makasha is a Slavic deity, patroness of women’s work, feminine life force.

Makasha was the only female deity whose idol was given a place on Kyiv’s hill along with statues of other major pre-Christian gods.



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